Product Returns

Despite our efforts for a complete view of our products , it is possible that your expectations won’t be completely fulfilled because of the nature of e-shops and the fact that you do not have physical contact with them.
For that reason, you have the right to return something that you bought since you are not satisfied. You can change the model, the size or the color or even get a refund.

Terms Of Return

Any return must be done within 15 days from the day you received the product.
The product in return must be to its original condition and not been used otherwise the return won’t be accepted.
The product in return should include the invoice or the receipt.

The expenses of the return burden our company only if the product has any fault or if you received something different from what you ordered.

Process Of Return

Before any return , you are suggested to communicate with us at 28210-59589 or email us , so we can provide the best service possible .In case you don’t contact or email with us go to “My returns” and apply for a return . If your apply gets accepted follow the steps below:

Pack the product properly in a package bigger or at the same size that was delivered to you, so it’s completely protected during the shipment. It is necessary to send the invoice or the receipt with the product in the package. Afterwards send the package through the same agency that you received it, choosing “recipient charge”.

Refunds will be done only after contacting via phone.

Attention : By the moment the product arrives to you , is under your responsibility therefore it’s important to take care for its safe transportation so any damage or lose is avoided , otherwise the return might not be able to be done .