La Strada leather goods stores,
display a variety of women's and men's
accessories. Our leather bags, wallets, belts and
our exquisite handmade jewellery, stand out.

In our shops you will also find a variety of bags for children and teenagers and special travel accessories. We started 30 years ago, in Chania Greece, where our company is based. Our goal throughout all these years is to maintain and highlight the excellent quality of our products.

We follow our philosophy with loyalty, emphasizing on our perfect materials, finesse and elegance. And this is the reason that both the Greek and the European public choose us. You can purchase genuine leather goods from our exclusive collection, which will become an integral part of your own, personal style.

Our three stores are located in the center of the city of Chania.1) Skridlof 3 (Stivanadika) - 2) Mousouron 28 - 3) Municipal Market 22. Tel.2821 059589 & 2821 057005.